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What are the Best Pizza Franchises in India?

Updated: Feb 26, 2022

Indian society has embraced many facets of Western culture, which is evident in our lifestyle and even in the number of pizza companies in India. At first, Chinese food seemed to have grown roots, and the latest trend is the pizza flatbread and Rolls

Indian society has embraced many facets of Western culture, which is evident in our lifestyle and even in the number of pizza companies in India. At first, Chinese food seemed to have grown roots, and the latest trend is the pizza flatbread. The market leader among pizza chains in India, Domino’s from Jubilant Foodworks, entered India more than 2 decades ago in 2000 and is most popular with a 55% share of the pizza market. It has almost 70% of the home delivery pizza market with 1360 outlets and growing. Though international brands lead the market, the homegrown pizza market is not far behind in accepting the challenges for a slice in the market pie. Numerous pizza companies like Pizza Corner, Pizza Hut, Slice of Italy, Sbarro and more are doing well despite India’s economic slowdown. Did you know? In India, the pizza market has crossed ₹1500 Cr and is growing at a CAGR of 26%! How did Indian pizza brands capture the hearts? Pizza is the 2nd largest food item consumed among India’s global cuisines. Early 1995 saw India open doors to foreign competitors by removing certain subsidies, lowering import duties, etc. Domino’s (through the franchisor Jubilant Networks) accepted the invitation by setting up an online or order from your mobile pizza company that promises deliveries anywhere in India in just 30 minutes! Then followed McDonald’s Fast Foods, Coca Cola, Pizza Hut etc. Fast foods are here to stay with Indians in urban cities having a fast-moving hectic lifestyle, ordering fast foods online and dining out almost regularly. The ‘Quick-Service’ and promotions like ‘get 2 when you buy 1 pizza’ are very popular, and the prices too are affordable. Pizzas have a fan base among the younger population, the Millenials, and the working class leading to a pizza boom. Besides, there’s just more disposable income among the working classes leading to this demand for pizzas. Hot-oven pizzas and pizza bases are doing well at the supermarkets because they can be customized at home. Ingredients like mozzarella cheese, sauces, dips, toppings, etc., are available off the shelves. There are also varieties of crusts like the thin crust, flatbread, double dough, cheese bursts, etc. Thus, customization has led to the popularity of pizzas and pizza franchise in India. Pizzas hence have broadened their customer market and base in India. But, today, pizzas are not just for the metro cities but have reached almost all semi-urban pockets through franchise operations. Going by revenues, these wheat flatbreads of Italian cuisine are now a part of the Indian diet. Best pizza franchise in India Here’s a list of the top pizza franchise offers if you want to enter the fast-food Quick service restaurant (QSR) business with a franchise model. These quick-service restaurants like Domino’s, Oven Story’s, Pizza Hut’s etc., use pizzas or Italian flatbreads. They use a variety of delicious toppings like onions, tomatoes, cheese, mushrooms, pineapple, capsicum and more spiced with mild chilli, pepper, oregano and Indian herbs like mint, etc.

  • Domino’s Pizza:

Domino’s is an international pizza franchise brand from Jubilant Food works. The leading brand offers a very reputed and profitable business opportunity in its franchise offer. The brand name and company were founded in 1961, and the company is headquartered in Michigan in the USA. They have approximately 1360 pizza franchise outlets all over India. The American Pizza QSR has both veg and non-veg pizzas with a variety of toppings, crusts, desserts, pasta, and chicken short-eats that are amazingly delicious. They are also leaders in quick 30-minute guaranteed deliveries, and their app accepts online orders. They have a 55% share of pizza sales in the Indian market, with 70% of the home-delivery sales in India. You should contact Jubilant Foodworks for their franchise offer. ParticularsDetailsDomino’sFranchise OfferFounded in1961No of outlets1360 plusInvestment range ₹30 to 50 LakhMost recommended pizzaFarmhouse Pizza and Veg ExtravaganzaRoyalty fees5.5 %

  • Pizza Hut:

Pizza hut is an American food chain with delicious and reputed pizzas. They are one of the topmost pizza brands in India and has the best pizza franchise offers in India. You get deserts, pasta, pizza, and more on the menu. The 1958-founded Pizza Hut’s founders Frank and Dan Carney and Yum Inc bought it out and now controls its global operations, including those in India. With over 400 pizza franchise outlets, their varieties of veg and non-veg pizzas reach your home through quick deliveries. They also run several daily discount programs and the mid-week Tuesday offer of a special discount on orders above ₹499. Their initial investment for a franchise offer ranges from ₹297K to ₹2,109K at present. ParticularsDetailsPizza HutFranchise OfferFounded in1958No of outlets400 plusInvestment range ₹3 to ₹21 LakhsMost recommended pizzaVeg Exotica and Triple Chicken FeastRoyalty fees6%

  • Papa John’s Pizza:

Another American food chain of pizzas doing very well is Papa John’s Pizza. The company was founded by Schnatter John Hampton in 1984 and is headquartered in Kentucky, USA. In the QSR and home-delivery modes, their outlets offer pizzas, beverages, desserts, and pasta. At present, they stand 4th for their delivery chain for pizzas globally and are present in over 45 countries globally. For over 6 years in India, they have established a reputable brand name with over 70 outlets and 5 QSRs. Their pizza franchise in India offer is among the most sought after in India though the operations appear to have been affected somewhat since 2017. ParticularsDetailsPapa John’sFranchise OfferFounded in1984No of outlets70 plus and 15 QSRsInvestment range ₹20 to ₹30 LakhMost recommended pizzaGarden Fresh Veg Pizza and Tropical Luau PizzaRoyalty fees5%

  • Little Caesars Pizza:

Little Caesars is the 3rd largest food chain for pizzas globally, just after Pizza Hut and Dominoes. They provide the best pizza franchise in India and is American-based, with outlets mostly in the Middle East and Asian countries. Founded way back in 1959 by Marian and Mike Litch, their company is headquartered in Michigan. Their outlets offer pizzas, quick lunch, desserts, and more. ParticularsDetailsLittle CaesarsFranchise OfferFounded in1959No of outlets2 (Ahmedabad & Gurgaon) and growing fastInvestment range ₹80 Lakh to 5 CroreMost recommended pizzaHot and Ready Pepperoni Pizza and ExtraMostBestest Pizza.Royalty fees7%

  • US Pizza:

This American brand pizza franchise chain has the 3rd largest chain of restaurants and outlets in India. Their franchise offer has the Express and QSR models. Founded in 1996 by Donald Duncan, they are headquartered in Kansas in Missouri, USA. The United Pizza Restaurant Pvt Ltd runs the operations, and there are 18 to 22 outlets already with plans of expanding to Malaysia, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, etc. Their home deliveries are reputed and the variety is fresh with exciting Indian flavours. Franchising operations of US Pizza in India started quite late and in 2002 with over 1000 outlets globally, 158 in India and more coming. ParticularsDetailsUS PizzaFranchise OfferFounded in1996No of outlets1000 globally and 158 in India.Investment range ₹70 Lakh to 1 CroreMost recommended pizzaHawaiian Fantasy Pizza and Jerked Chicken PizzaRoyalty fees5 to 7.5%

  • Marco’s Pizza:

This American best pizza company in India chain has a large presence of restaurants globally and over 800 outlets globally. Their franchise offer has the Express and QSR models. Founded in 1978 by Pasquale Giammarco, they are headquartered in Oregon in Ohio, USA. Their home deliveries are reputed and the variety fresh and with exciting Indian flavours. The franchising operations of Marcos Pizza in India started quite late. It aimed at opening 140 locations in India, mostly franchised. Besides pizzas, you can look forward to pasta, other American dishes, beverages, and desserts. ParticularsDetailsMarco’s PizzaFranchise OfferFounded in1978No of outlets800 global outlets and growingInvestment range ₹65 Lakh to 2.5 CroreMost recommended pizzaMarco’s Mushroom Pizza and 6” Veggie SubRoyalty fees5.5%

  • Sam & Louie’s Pizza:

Sam & Louie’s is a New-York Pizzeria founded in 1994 by Greg and Michael Nolan and is headquartered at Sterling in Colorado, USA. They do business globally, with most of their outlets in the USA and Canada. Their menu is both American food and Italian delicacies. They offer varied pizzas, Stromboli, Pasta, Calzones and more. Their home delivery and restaurant business are flourishing. The customer base loves their pizzas, bases and sauces most, with quick and courteous service being an important factor in their success. Their franchise offer is among USA-based famous pizza brands in India. ParticularsDetailsSam & Louie’s PizzaFranchise OfferFounded in1994No of outlets245 locations globallyInvestment range ₹30 to ₹50 LakhsMost recommended pizzaThai Pie, Chicken wings, Chicken Sriracha PizzaRoyalty fees5%

  • Pizza corner:

Pizza Corner is the one of the best pizza company founded in India by Fred Mouawad in 1996 and is among the famous pizza brands in India. It serves a variety of pasta and pizzas with delicious short-eats of chicken and various sauces and toppings. This homegrown company is headquartered in Chennai, India. It is now run by Papa John’s Pizza and boasts 70 plus pan-India outlets. Their franchise operations are run by a conglomerate of shareholders, the company and the global architect for franchise offers. It has 100 plus QSRs through the Asian regions of Bangladesh, China, India, Thailand and Myanmar. ParticularsDetailsPizza CornerFranchise OfferFounded in1996No of outletsMore than 70Investment range ₹25 to 80 LakhMost recommended pizzaMomo Mia Veg and Non-veg Pizzas.Royalty fees6%

  • MOD Pizza:

Ally and Scot Svenson founded MOD Pizzas in 2008 and are headquartered in Seattle in Washington, USA. It is a casual QSR model of pizza franchises with their franchisee fee being ₹22 Lakhs. They are an award-winning pizza chain that has won the 2005 Community Impact Award for their impact and MOD style of impacting communities through enjoyable pizzas. ParticularsDetailsMOD PizzaFranchise OfferFounded in2008No of outlets500 global and countingInvestment range ₹5 to 7 CroreMost recommended pizzaTristan Pizza and Veggie Willow Pizza.Royalty fees5%Choose from 8 stunning layouts

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