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Why Cloud Kitchen Business?

The delivery of meals on demand is becoming into a sizable trend in the FnB industry. The growing food delivery sectors, as well as an increase in the average global income of individuals, all serve as growth accelerators for the cloud kitchen market during the forecast period. Online food delivery services have been increasingly popular over time.

You own we operate!

Franchise Owned Company Operated

We are offering Franchise Owned Company Operated (FOCO) model in our cloud kitchens across North India with the context referring to us operating the cloud kitchen, while the franchisee makes the investment and receives a share of the revenue generated.

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Our Signature Brands


Our Premium Brands

Our Gourmet & Specialty Brands

FOCO Advantages to Franchises

  • Established brand

  • Proven business model

  • Training and support

  • Marketing and advertising

  • Potential for growth

  • Compliance and regulatory support

  • Standardization and quality control

  • Data-driven insights, analytics menu offerings, pricing strategies

  • Reduced operational burden for franchisees

  • Access to proven systems and processes

  • Economies of scale

  • Lower risks for franchises


  Why Roll Xpress?  

•Brand reputation

•Low Investment More Profits

•Need less space

•Sales & Financial Value of Company

•Menu Versatility

•Franchise support Team

•Marketing support

•Training & Recruitment Support

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